Imagine a world where a dozen different disruptive technologies are evolving and improving at breakneck speed, doubling their price-performance in a matter of months and laying waste to existing business models.
Wrap your mind and your own business plan around the reality that that’s the world we live in today.
Now you have some idea of why Salim Ismail, founder of Singularity University, was the all-time top-rated keynote speaker in the history of TUG conferences, after his appearance, last month at TUG Connects 2017 in Orlando, Florida.
“All of our education and training and intuition about the world teaches us linear extrapolation,” Ismail told participants. “We take our past performance and draw a line to where things will be.”
But now, driven by information and computing, the pace of change is exponential. And it isn’t going to stop.
“Once you take any domain, discipline, or industry and power it with information technology and it acquires informational flow properties, its price-performance starts doubling within 18 to 30 months,” he told participants. And once that doubling starts, “it doesn’t stop. It just keeps going.”
Much of TUG’s mission is to help distribution executives deliver strategies that will help their companies survive and thrive in a tough business environment. That’s why we produced a short white paper that captures the main takeaways from Ismail’s talk.
Download the report (TUG Membership required) Read it. Share it with your team and discuss it within your TUG Groups. It may be the most important hour you spend this month.