TUG Connects Sessions Drive Sound Business Strategy for 2018

WarmSunriseStackedLogo1250x379It’s the time of year when TUG members dust off their strategic plans and look ahead to the smart, sound business decisions that will make 2018 a breakout year.

And whether those plans involve upgrading your on-premises ERP, planning your company’s transition to CloudSuite Distribution, or upgrading your tech stack, TUG Connects 2018 is where you’ll find the business and technology insights to make the year a success.

“Whatever stage you’re at in your IT upgrade, there’s no better place to learn about the latest technology offerings from Infor and its channel partners, or to gain valuable front-line insights from your TUG colleagues,” notes TUG Chairman Don Green, Director of Business Operations at Choctaw-Kaul Distribution.

“TUG Connects is also your opportunity to keep up with the trends that are shaping and reshaping the business of distribution,” with an Executive Summit lineup that emphasizes issues like e-commerce and human capital management that have emerged as key strategic priorities.

Green says that the conversation on e-commerce boils down to some fundamental business questions. “TUG members are thinking carefully about the place of bricks-and-mortar sales in the e-commerce era, deciding which investments to make to stay ahead of a fast-moving technology revolution,” he writes in his monthly communiqué to TUG members. On human resources, Executive Summit panelists and participants will go deep on the shifts in policies, legislation, and expectations that are bringing big changes to established enterprises.

“TUG Connects will also push beyond the technology, to look at the basic communication, negotiation, and execution skills that matter to a successful distribution company,” Green adds. Internal relationships are just as important as external ones, and “TUG Connects will give you a roadmap for keeping your internal resources aligned with your technology strategy.”

It adds up to a compelling set of arguments to sign up for this year’s conference—and to encourage at least one other member of your team to join you. As Green points out, “friends don’t let friends not attend TUG Connects”.